Got Moxie?!

  22 November, 2012   

If you receive five element acupuncture treatments, chances are you have experienced the warming and aromatic benefits of moxibustion.   Moxibustion (aka moxa) is made from the herb Artemesia vulgaris.  It is a universal plant, used by many cultures, throughout time, because of its powerful healing properties.  Native Americans use the smoke of this plant to purify the spiritual environment.   Historically, it has been used in Asia in tandem with acupuncture, to enhance the acupuncture treatment.  The herb is dried, aged, and ground up to a fluffy consistency.   The practitioner roles the herb into a cone shape and places it over an acupuncture point and then lights and burns the moxa until the patient can feel a warming sensation.  Moxa promotes blood flow, eases pain, and increases qi in the body.  Moxa is especially useful for patients who have deficiency issues or lack of energy, such as a patient going through cancer treatment.   For a very weak patient, moxa can be used on an acupuncture point instead of a needle, as a gentle way to stimulate the point and affect change in that meridian.   Moxa can be placed on a bed of salt, slice of ginger, or other herb to increase heat in the body.  Artemisia is categorized as bitter, acrid and warm.  When taken as an herbal tea or tincture, it will expel parasites from the body.  It has a balancing effect on women’s hormones when taken internally or used externally as a bath.

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