30 April, 2013   

The potential energy of the winter season is emerging into kinetic and frenetic energy of SPRING!    For us humans, this is not always such an easy transition and there may be dark and chaotic energy that is stuck, and we feel irritable, angry or depressed.  The energy is not moving within us the same way as in nature.  The trees look alive and beautiful and thriving, but we feel grouchy and irritable.  We are not able to push to our potential in such a sweet symphony.   Anger or frustration (in the healthy sense) is the emotion that naturally comes out during spring.  If the anger stagnates internally, there is a sense that whatever decisions we make will not bring change to the course of our life.

Enter Intention!  This is the power we have to make decisions with clarity, purpose, and resolve;  knowing that the process is just as important as the result.   To get past the fear in making a big decision, it’s helpful to remember that there is no “wrong” choice and no decision is ever final.   We can always go back and amend a decision or choose another path.  On the really dark days, learning to embrace the anger and move it up and out from our bodies is the goal.  Some practical ways to do this include physical exercise:  run, yoga, Pilates, swim, or whatever way feels good to move your body.   Eat in harmony with spring by giving your liver a boost (the organ responsible for detoxification and processing anger) by loading up on dark leafy greens.  Visit your local five element acupuncturist for an energetic detox!

Nev’s Power Detox Smoothie (gluten, dairy, soy and corn free)

1.5 cups Coconut, Rice or Almond Milk

1 cup mixed berries

1 banana

1 small avocado

6-8 baby spinach


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